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  • Get Inspired: Check out the Instagram content and habits of similar businesses that you admire and adapt. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery! • Include your website: Make sure your business’ URL is in your profile description. This sounds basic but lots of people don't do it. 
  • Remember that everything you post reflects your business. If you post a picture with clutter or half eaten food in the background, customers see that. That’s the impression customers will get 
  • Be cute but REAL. To build on the previous point, try and keep images looking good, but also make sure they are accurate. The days of perfectly curated Instagram profiles with stock images are over. 
  • Tell it like it is. Be honest and authentic in setting expectations re: procedures, downtime, etc. If you bend the truth it will effect your business’s perceived trustworthiness. 
  • Post regularly to stay top of mind. Posting 2-5 times / week works for many • Bring on the emojis Did you know that Instagram posts that include emojis get 17% more likes and comments than posts without them? • Keep at it! Consistency is key so keep on going and don’t get discouraged. 


  • Over promote or be too salesy. You can talk about promotions, but make sure your Instagram is mostly made up of interesting visuals and content that people will want to engage with 
  • Use generic or stock photos. People want to see you, your procedures and your work! 
  • Post customer photos or tag patients without consent. You can even go a step further and indicate in your description that the photo or video was used with permission from the patient. 
  • Use too many hashtags. If hashtags aren’t relevant or if you don’t change it up enough, they could be read by Instagram as spam and will make your content harder to find 

Post ideas 


While these post ideas aren't groundbreaking, if you need some additional content, try 'em all out 

Before and After pictures 

Procedure videos 

In depth explanation of different treatments 

Responding to frequently asked 


New products & procedures 

Each team member's favorite 

treatment and why they love it 

Team photos 

Staff profiles 

Celebrating team accomplishments 

Safety protocols( it’s 2020 after all)

Client testimonials 

Promotions / deals / bundles Office tour 




With over 500 million people using Instagram stories every day, this is the time to get on it and do it properly. Stories can be a lot more interactive than regular posts, and it’s always a good idea to get your followers involved. You can get engagement through quizes, emoji slider stickers and more. Our favorite story feature is polls, because you can get valuable customer feedback that's fun for everyone. Here are a few poll ideas. 

Which procedure are you interested in trying next? 

What could we do to make your experience even better? 

What would you like us to post a video of next ? 

We're painting the office! Which of these 2 paint colors do you like best? Which treatment is the one you just can't live without ( give 2 options) Which procedure have you gotten that you haven't told your spouse about What is your go-to moisturizer? 

Which beauty products should we be carying? 

Are you overpaying for fillers? 

Our favorite FREE tool for cute posts _____________ 

Most of us don't have the budget for graphic designers or professionals to help curate our Instagram profiles. Luckily, there are now a ton of FREE resources you can use to create gorgeous Instagram posts and all marketing materials for your business.

There are a ton of websites out there but the one we use all the time is ( No, we don't work for Canva and aren't being paid to promote it. We just really like it!) 




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