Dermal Fillers Fastest Growing Cosmetic Segment

By Staff Writer | Dec 03, 2020 | 0 Comments

Dermal fillers are one of the fastest growing segments of the cosmetic market, and for good reason. 

No other treatment provides the instant gratification that filler does. You can quite literally take ten years off a face in 30 minutes – how compelling is that? The market is continuing to get hotter and hotter, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Plus, when you bring in new patients for dermal fillers, you can upgrade them to a more comprehensive treatment plan with relative ease. Almost everyone is a candidate for dermal fillers, which means, when marketed properly, you can use fillers bring a bunch of NEW patients to your business. 

Competition in dermal fillers is increasing, as more and more medspas are focusing of fillers as a source of income. 

You can already see this happening as more and more providers fight for survival by competing on price. 

However, dermal fillers are the last thing that should be “price shopped” by customers, because the results hinge on the skill and experience of the injector. Sadly, most people do not seem to understand this. 

This is nothing short of frustrating, especially if you or your staff have put in the work to become great injectors. You deserve to charge what you’re worth, but everyday there is increased pressure to lower your prices. 

We will now go through a 3-step solution to increase filler profits by at least 30 percent in the next 30 days 

Step #1 Make more profit per syringe 

Step #2 Sell more filler to each patient 

Step #3 Get more patients in for filler 

By combining increased sales with improved margins, you will experience a dramatic increase in overall profitability. In fact, follow these steps and fillers could become the “cash cow” treatment that drives your entire business forward. Let’s go through some numbers to see how this is possible. 

An example of increased profits (with conservative numbers) 


Say you charge 600$/syringe and inject approximately 26 syringes of filler per month (13 patients @ 2 syringes each). That's a revenue of $15,600. 

However, if you're paying $300/syringe, you only get to keep $7,800 of that $15,600. (We’ll ignore other overhead costs for this example) 

But, let’s say you’re able to purchase filler for $200/syringe with no minimum order quantity. Now you get to keep $10,400 instead of only $7,800. 

Now, in addition to that, what if you were to use our strategies to increase your total filler sales? Imagine you get 3 more patients in for filler and increase your average sale from 2 to 2.5 syringes per sale. So 16 patients x 2.5 syringes/patient x $600/ syringe = Revenue of $24,000. 

Finally, with your improved margins, you are only paying $8,000 for all this filler (200$/syringe x 40 syringes). So that means you will be taking home... 

24, 000 ( New Revenue w/ increased filler sales) 

- 8,0000 (New Filler cost w/increased margins) 



By taking home $16,000, you have more than DOUBLED your original $7,800 profit. 

Imagine how this would affect your bottom line if you could do this month after month? How would your life change if you made an additional $8,200 every month?

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